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Since 2000, Deuxmensions Dance Theatre & School, under the direction of Michelle Doyle & Kirstin Doyle, has been providing a well-rounded dance education that helps develop the potential, creativity and confidence of each of our students as they grow and learn in the world of dance.


We know how much more goes into teaching a student to dance than just the memorization of steps and the performance at the end of the year.  Our approach is multi-faceted in that our students learn proper technique, self-discipline, and a respect for themselves and others.  At the same time, dance is a fun and individual form of self expression, and while teaching the more serious skills, we also strive to create an environment that is both nurturing and enjoyable for our students.  We teach skills that will not only help the student should they later pursue a career in dance, but also help them grow into well-rounded individuals.

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