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Deuxmensions Parents

  • "I am so grateful to have a tasteful, professional dance option for my girls.  They deserve a chance to learn to dance without being objectified. It is one of Deuxmensions' points of difference. Thank you so much!"  -  Anonymous Parent via Survey Monkey

  • "My daughters spent many years at Deuxmensions, studying ballet, tap, jazz and modern/contemporary.  I was always impressed with the quality of instruction, which stressed dancing safely, as well as beautifully.  The atmosphere was welcoming and supportive.... none of that "Dance Moms" atmosphere!!"  -  B.H.  -  mother of Deuxmensions' graduate and former students


  • "My son and daughter are now in their 7th year of dance at Deuxmensions.  I enrolled my daughter in 2nd grade and thought it would be a passing interest.  My son was Pre-K at the time and wanted to take "disco" class, but I told him the dance school was only for girls.  As he melted down, one of the directors told me, "Oh, no! We love to have boys dancing as well!" .... And here we are 7 years later.  The kids receive such wonderful instruction from ALL the teachers. The teachers are passionate about their craft and they ensure the dancers are developing sound technique, strength and agility in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.  I know the teachers care deeply for all their students, and the students really enjoy and respect the teachers.  The children look forward to every class each week and we are so impressed with the strength and self-confidence they have built over the years."  -   J.J.  -  mother of current students, ages 10 and 13

  • "Deuxmensions has such a lovely atmosphere that is rich with instruction - we are so lucky!  My oldest is loving every moment, and my youngest is so thrilled to be learning so much - we cannot thank you enough!"  -  K.H.  -  mother of current students, ages 7 and 9

  • "We've been going to Deuxmensions for 5 years now.  Can't say enough good things about it - very respectful of dancers, age appropriate and professional."   -  C.B.  -  mother of current students, ages 6 and 8

  • "Love, love, LOVE Deuxmensions.  My oldest (14) has been dancing here since she was 3 years old and is now dancing on pointe.  My youngest (6) started 3 years ago and is completely in love with Miss Michelle."  -  L.L.  mother of current students

  • "Honestly, when I became a "dance parent," I was not looking forward to the end-of-year performance.  Wow! Was I blown away by the artistry, talent, and diversity of the performances.  They are fantastic!  The artistic directors, teachers and dancers put together an amazing experience each year.  I could go on and on about our love for Deuxmensions, but you will need to discover for yourself why so many families join the DDTS community."   -  J.J.  -  mother of current students, ages 10 and 13

  • "A wonderful environment to learn and enjoy the art of dance."  - DRP  - mother of former student and dance professional

  • "My oldest has been dancing here since she was 2, and is now 16.  It has been a great experience.  The focus on the artistry of dance (versus a competitive sport), the concern for the safety of their dancers (i.e., requirements for pointe), and the approachable, knowledgeable instructors make dancing fun for beginners on up."  -  N.L.  -  mother of current student and Youth Performance Company member

Deuxmensions Students  and Graduates

  • "Deuxmensions is an amazing place for young dancers to develop their technique, creativity, and sense of self.  I danced at Deuxmensions all through middle school and high school.  The skills I learned here helped me to earn a college scholarship for dance.  Kirstin & Michelle are amazing women!  Not only do they teach proper technique and the art of dance, but they also care deeply about their students.  Deuxmensions was my 2nd home, and I would not have wanted it any other way!"  -  E.L.  - Deuxmensions' graduate, former Youth Performance Company member, and Gustavus Adolphus dance minor

  • "A wonderful environment to learn and enjoy the art of dance."  -  J.B.  -  current adult division student

  • "I took ballet classes at Deuxmensions throughout middle and high school and loved it!  I was also a member of the performance company for a few years and loved the professionalism Michelle and Kirstin had for our rehearsals and performances.  Thank you for the wonderful dance knowledge I have been able to carry with me through the rest of my life!"  -  L.N.H. -  former student and Youth Perfomrance Company member

  • "I danced at Deuxmensions for 6 years and loved every minute of it!  Thank you so much to the talented and dedicated teachers who helped me grow so much as a dancer and a person."  -  E.L.  -  former student and Youth Performance Company member

  • "Such an great community with incredible instructors, gorgeous studios, and a welcoming vibe. This is such an amazing place to take lessons, from beginning to advanced. Deuxmensions is the best!"  -  E.M.  -  Deuxmensions' graduate

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